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Aug 30, 2023

0:00 Intro
1:16 Interview with Ed Dowd
52:56 Joe Biden
1:22:25 Florida Hurricane

- Full interview with Ed Dowd
- Warning over U.S. cities collapsing into chaos, to be run by "warlords"
- The slow-churning "Mad Max" scenario is unfolding now
- Will we have elections in 2024? The regime is desperate to hold onto power
- #BRICS currency, #dollar debt implosion, treasuries, safe assets and more
- Huge government cover-up in #Lahaina
- Why America is past the tipping point and cannot be saved
- RFK, Jr. reveals why #COVID shots and hospital protocols MURDERED blacks
- California school promotes inclusive "play date" but NO WHITE KIDS allowed - #RACISM
- Secret audio of Joe Biden to be made public
- Reportedly will END Biden's presidency
- The deep state will hunt down and kill whoever has this audio
- National Archives admits 5,400 emails where Biden used a fake name alias to conduct (corrupt) business
- Hurricane preparedness special report for Florida

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