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Mar 29, 2023

0:00 Intro
2:37 Nashville Shooting
14:04 Jobs Impacted by AI
22:20 Interview with Ann Vandersteel
1:06:22 Interview with Jason Fyk

- We have entered the realm of trans murderers targeting Christians for extermination
- The "woke" culture pushes children into mass mental illness
- Trans people call for "Day of Vengeance" against everybody else
- Public schools have become mass mental illness FACTORIES for children
- The TRANS movement is driven by Luciferianism, rejection of God and God's gifts to humanity
- 80 percent of workers to be impacted by AI as WOKE AI takes over the world
- Ann Vandersteel talks medical genocide, depopulation, bioweapons and the next plandemic
- Jason Fyk reveals how the courts got Sec. 230 WRONG, unleashing decades of unlawful censorship

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