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Dec 26, 2022

0:00 Sabotage
2:00 Cold Wave
7:25 BIG Picture
13:50 China
20:25 Russia
29:30 Homework


- Big picture updates for 2023
- Russia preparing for major offensive, and Biden is escalating
- War likely to break out across Europe, with NATO targeted
- China waiting for USA to expend more munitions and weapons
- When USA is weakest, China will attack Taiwan and USA
- China will halt exports, causing supply chain apocalypse
- No more supply of antibiotics, medications, over-the-counter medicines
- Omnibus spending bill passage proves Dems and Repubs are really the same UNIPARTY
- Last desperate debt blowout for the US empire, whose debt currency will implode
- 2023 will be the year of BRICS, as Saudi Arabia shifts economic partnership to China
- Homework: Watch "Ancient Apocalypse" on Netflix
- Read books by Graham Hancock (Magicians of the Gods) to understand more
- A previous advanced civilization was wiped out by a comet strike
- Caused huge melting of ice plateaus, global flooding, oceans rose 400+ feet
- Much evidence of coastal cities of ancients is now under water
- Comet strikes on planet Earth are far more frequent than previously realized
- A present day strike would end modern civilization as we know it
- Do globalists already know of an approaching comet that will pound Earth with hypervelocity impacts?
- Why governments would keep this information from the people
- Global elites and governments are expanding massive underground cities, bunkers and tunnels
- This is an ancient practice also pursued in Turkey, where there are HUNDREDS of undergound living bunkers
- Global depopulation - is it part of the elite's preparation for an approaching cosmic event?

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